Philly Talk...Yo!

My parents had their very own  "mom and pop"grocery store located at Frankford Ave and Palmer St. in Fishtown across what was once St. Mary's Hospital. . The entire block is gone having been replaced ny a parking lot. I was driving by a few months ago and stopped, walked through the little park across the street sat down on the bench and stared across the street at the empty space.

I went to the Adaire public school at Palmer and Thompson  until the first half of Second Grade. There I learned to read with Dick and Jane readers using the "look & say method"  instead of "phonics" which is why I still have difficulty "sounding out words".

Dick & Jane and Company
See Dick. See Dick run. Run Dick run.
See Jane. See Jane run. Run Jane run.
See Sally. See Sally run. Run Sally run.

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bu ti full

attee-tude gratee-tude cahn bastid auwn Pennapack Creek Plice duh' L
Old Time Postcards. Click Here ofen
          Frequently. I ofen go to the Gallery downtown auwn d'el.

        conjunction of did not.  I dihdent go up the maw wid my dawter.



        a canine pet or what they used to eat with a fishcake and Champ Cherry at Levis

        a collection of retail stores

        the inside maw at 8th and Market.

        female offspring

caw fee
        I like mine with cream only, tank yuz

        finished the task

        What politicians pretend to do in front of the cameras when its already a dun deal.

        My mother is making dinner for cumpknee tonight.
        I got a job at the truckin cumpknee.


        where Mom keeps her money and lip stick

guh head

        don't wait for me

fur real

        it's authenitic; it's the truth

bin dare

rue beer

        Hires, Stewart's, Dad's, Ma's, Hank's and Levis

birch beer
        Like rue beer


Cheez Stak whid Up duh Mountens. Down duh shore Scuu kl Souf' Filly Pah shunk Souf Street Yuz Yo! How'ya dew'ng?

           Greeting like Como Esta Usted or Comme Talle Vous?
Ac a me

cock a roach

fil lem

may nayz ooh gee

        Sanwitch made on long Eye-Talyon roll. Wid meat, cheese, onion, toe-may-toe, let-us.
        Either oil or may-naze, hot or sweet peppers, oregano.


        People whose family came from Itt-Ley and moved to Sud-Filly.

            Levis Champ Cherry, of course!
war ter soda pisgetti zink spigot
           The thing that turns the warter on and off on your zink
You might catch a "Sunny" when you went fishing at the crick


       the Wissahickon Creek


        the highway number.  Roosevelt Blvd is  Root 1

Big Mahaf

        He's he boss of it all... The Big Mahaf

Haf Ball

         Cut a pimple ball in haf and yuz play stik ball


        Poor kid's version of squash or racquet using a pimple ball and your hand.


        The Eagles football team.
            Our Other Sports Teams:
                              The 76'
                                                    and the

        A very short person. Snow White knew seven of  'dem who sang on their way to work.

bat tree
        A portable energy source.  What size battrees do yuz need to get at the mawr?