Grape news for juice drinkers.
(grape juice's antioxidant qualities)(Brief Article)

 Author/s: Dominique Andrews Issue: August, 2001

 Grape news for juice drinkers If you're looking to promote cardiovascular health, purple grape
 juice may be just what the doctor ordered. A recent study published in the Journal of
 Medicinal Food found that the drink has antioxidant qualities, helping to lower cholesterol and
 reduce plaque buildup in arteries, while orange juice does not.

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Grape Juice Improves Your Blood Flow.

 Issue: Jan, 2000

 Regular consumption of purple grape juice can help your arteries respond to increased blood
 flow. In addition, grape juice has compounds that slow the processes that slow LDL oxidation
 by more than 34 percent. LDL is a cholesterol component that contributes to the buildup of
 fatty plaques in arteries. Previous studies have shown that purple grape juice also decreases
 the "stickiness" of blood components called platelets, reducing the risk of clotting, another
 cause of heart problems.

 (Circulation/American Heart Association)

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