The Story Behind Elliott's Amazing Juices

The first bottle of Elliott's Amazing Apple Juice was bottled in March 1983. However, I had made and sold Elliott's Old Fashioned Lemonade and Orangeade business in 1978 which only made it six months.  This was packed in paper milk cartons which had to be refrigerated and distributed in refrigerated trucks. I had an old milk truck-a wreck of an old milk truck- that had to be plugged in every night. First the compressor went and when the transmission went, I drove a stake into the radiator and had it towed away.




Then in 1982, With a $9,000 a cider mill press and filter the juice then pump it into tank trucks and transported to a small brewery in South Jersey. There the juice was bottled in the generic stubby , brown beer bottles used by the brewery. I bought a used beer truck in North Jersey and had to sit around while a clutch was installed and then drove it back in the dark on the NJ Turnpike. The neighbors were not too happy with the truck parked in front of our house so I found a garden center around the corner who let me park the truck in a fenced in area.  One night kids ripped a hole in the roof of the truck and heisted some cases of what they thought was beer. The truck did have a Schmidt's Beer decal all over the front and sides. They were disappointed. I had to find a warehouse and park the truck inside.

I then once again sold the cases of apple juice myself to about 500 accounts in Philadelphia before finding a soda distributor interested in selling the juices along with their carbonated beverages. Soon Elliott's Amazing apple juice in the little brown beer bottle was available in 18 states.

Elliott's Apple Juice..we had trademark conflict problem and added another word to make everyone happy. We started at the beginning of the alphabet and stopped at "A" for "amazing".


The little brown beer bottle is long gone and many more companies are now in the juice business.

The 20 foot inflatable was a lot of fun to put up. Once we put them up on the traffic circle leading to Cape Cod and the police made us take it down because we were slowing up traffic!

Our bottle caps have had "famous quotes" printed inside since 1983. In fact, I had to go down to the art department at out cap supplier and work with them on a technique to allow us to print a different quote under each of the caps since they had never done that before. So Nantucket Nectar's  "interesting facts about Nantucket" and Snapple's "amazing facts" was not innovative. Snapple's Amazing Facts was a direct rip off of our labels which had featured "amazing facts" for 10 years. We make the best juice possible using quality ingredients under clean, sanitary conditions.

 Elliott's Amazing juices are certified kosher. And we are one of the few companies that make an OU certified grape juice product.


Click on OU to see our current kosher certification.


Many companies make juice. They have clever names, fantastic graphics, but when you read the ingredient statement you often see "filler juices" such as white grape, pear and pineapple which are cheaper than the "named juice" on the label. Many people are mislead by 100% juice expecting to find the "better-good for you juices as the predominate juice. Some companies mislabel the juice using the name of the more desirable, expensive juice first in the name such as Pomegranate- Plum when it really should be named Plum-Pomegranate. A large orange juice company calls it's orange juice made from concentrate "100% Squeezed Orange Juice from Concentrate."

With Elliott's you get what you pay for and the result is superior taste.  Taste is everything according to the below chart.

Elliott's Amazing was selected as the exclusive juice in Barnes and Noble Cafes for over 5 years.

We've lead the way with flavors such as Orange Mango,  Strawberry Margarita, Grape Boysenberry, Carrot Carumba, and reduced calorie items using low glycermic index crystalline fructose and  SPLENDA sucralose offers 1/2 the calories of our regular Cranberry, Orange Mango and Lemonade beverages.

Elliott's Amazing may not be the biggest juice brand, but people who love juice know it's the best!


So Hip to Sip!