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Somebody has to get the product into the retail stores. It's a different business. Cases of beverages weight about 20-40  pounds. You make about 15-25 deliveries a day. Each account buys 10-15 cases of beverage products per stop. Distributors typically work on about 25% gross profit. which is about $1.00-$1.50 on a 12 pack and $2.50-$3.00 on a 24 pack.

It's generally a cash business with most accounts paying you COD. Some larger accounts require you to give them payment terms. This is a difficult for small companies because you need the cash to pay for the product so you can get more product and then use the gross profit in the order to pay your expenses. Distributors who start to give credit wind up with their inventory gone, no money to pay their suppliers so they can get another shipment and lots of people who owe them small bills which are difficult to track and collect.

You have the costs of a driver, truck, warehouse and then somebody has to go out and sell each account a couple of cases. You have to sample the decision maker, sell them an assortment of flavors, offer them a free case as an inducement to get started and then put up the point of purchase signs and decals that you have seen.

It's a street level business. Avoid large supermarkets and chains that want cash payments for "slotting". Work the small up and down the street accounts first. Then go to colleges and hospitals. Food courts at malls. The business grows by selling more accounts additional products. This requires more products and effective sales effort. You have to service each customer at least every other week. You build a route one stop at a time and have to organize them to give you the most efficient way to service all the stops in a given area.

If you neglect your customers, they don't buy from you and go back to whatever they were selling before.

We have distributors who are large companies as well as one man operations servicing 300 accounts.

If you would like to become a distributor for Elliott's Amazing juices in your area and

-have access to a small warehouse with a fork lift truck

- have a sales/service background - are willing to rent, lease or buy a truck
          which can carry at least 2,000 lb. of weight. (100 cases)
- have at least $15,000 in working capital We do offer a performance based exclusive distributor contracts to someone who is
-able and willing to pay the bills.

-able and willing to grow the brand.
I wrote the book:
Here's everything you need to know about:

Selling beverages on "the street"
-prospecting, approaching the account, qualifying the buyer, making presentations on your feet, dealing with objections, asking for the order, keeping the customer happy. This is not order taking or filling up empty shelves or cooler shelves.  Here's some more information about selling: Guide to selling Elliott's Amazing Juices

Pro forma budget for start-up wholesaler
-one person, adding a driver, adding someone in the office. Use this spreadsheet in Excel Format and plug in warehouse size, rent, payroll, fuel cost, etc and find your break even point.

Setting up your first warehouse
-with details about trucks and other equipment you'll need.

Obtain a distributor and credit application here 

-please download, print, complete and fax back these documents
   You should have Adobe Acrobat Reader to open, save or print out this file.

Distribution Area Map

Please download this file, locate the maps of the state(s) you cover and indicate the counties your company can cover so we can define a territory. Fax or mail back with the distributor application.

SBA Personal Financial Statement  

You'll need to complete this if you want to borrow money from a bank, the SBA or require to provide personal guarantees to suppliers extending you credit if you are a start-up.

click here to go to Adobe and download Reader


Call 1-800-545-8423 if you are interested or email Elliott.

Please tell me something about your background.