Bottling Codes Used for
Elliott's Amazing Juices
As of July 2000

Look for black ink jet letters
around the neck of the bottle just under the cap.

Please ignore all dates in the "amazing  facts",  copyright notices © and UPC bar codes on the paper label or numbers embossed on the bottom of the bottle! These are not the production dates.


The first digit represents the YEAR
The next three digits represent the Julian date.
        090=the 90th day of the year.
You can look up the Julian date on most desk top calendars,
but just divide by 30 and you'll get the month.
        3rd Month
The example above would be somewhere near the end of March 2001.
        1090=90th Day of the year 2001

The next four numbers represent the time this bottle was filled in military time.
        15:35= 3:35PM

Shelf Life and Freshness:
The products are pasteurized and will not spoil. However light colored products like lemonade and white grapefruit will darken with age and some products will fade in time because we use only natural vegetable coloring in our products- not artificial coloring or carmine(cochineal) which is made from beetles.

Because of the high juice content, the pulp will settle to the bottle.  Just shake it up until there's no sediment on the bottom of the bottle..that's part of the good stuff!
We like to see pulpy products consumed in a year and clear products can go  a year to two years without problems other than those mentioned above.

We have a bottle of apple juice buried in a time capsule at the University of Pennsylvania museum and I am certain someone will get to enjoy it 80 years from now, but I don't think the Tasty Cakes buried at the same time will be in the same condition!

Product Safety:
We have a SAFETY BUTTON on our caps. When you open the cap, you should hear a "pop"..
If the vacuum seal is broken during warehousing or distribution, which may happen if the cap is punctured, dented on the edge or the case is dropped too hard, the button will pop up and the cap will not reseal.

This insures you know that you are the first person to open this bottle.

In this case the juice will spoil  due to mold forming as the result of air leaking into the bottle and the product not being refrigerated. The mold is harmless, but not pleasant looking and will float at the top of the bottle.  Or in some cases CO2 gas forms if  the juice ferments and the juice will appear fizzy. This rarely occurs because of the high standards of quality control at the plant and automatic systems used to insure consistent pasteurization temperatures.


If you have not consumed the entire bottle, be sure to put it back in a refrigerator to avoid spoilage.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed!